Heroin trafficking is now controlled by NATO with the
help of select rock stars with their talking guitars.

The Secretary General of NATO is now chosen for his controllablity and compromise – hence their roles in Parliamentary Paedophile Rings,
cross-dressing, cocaine addiction, heroin trafficking to
the Western World, and ongoing wars wherever there is either heroin, or oil.

All forms of international goverment are now mafia operations, so the worst politicians from each country are selected to join.
Just like the mafia, everything is the opposite of what it seems.

Leading Defense Lawyers are running the gangs as
bankers and shareholders.
Queen’s Counsel are heading heroin trafficking
syndicates, laundering the drug money as bankers,
and subcontracting out the murder of competition and

Those who commit the biggest crimes are progressively promoted to lead their country.
So the fastest way to Prime Minister or President is to try and launch a nuclear strike on your own country,
or supply high-end military weapons to rebels where the heroin is seeded.

To become a judge, it’s laundering heroin money and covering for paedophiles.
For Police, it’s covering up the heroin imports and
selling meth.
That gets you off your rape charges and makes you
immune from conspiracy to murder.

Mayors are no different. If your father was the leading
fence for stolen goods, then you can be a long-running mayor of the largest city.
This makes it easier for the CIA to come in and steal $100 million and no one says “boo”,
because the cross-dressing drug-trafficking homo-Mayor was also the Minister of Police.

Education is run on similar grounds, as are State
Services, where a history of heroin trafficking and
mass murder is a qualification above all others.

During World War II, children were traded between countries, some of noble birth.
These were the Illuminati children, de-empathised as contract killers.
George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Madeleine Albright are
three such people.

Bill Clinton was the son of Winston Churchill and Pamela Harriman – his daughter-in-law and brothel madame –
who went on to snaffle US$110 million and raise son
Prince Billy James Rex into the White house.

Bill Clinton, as it turns out, is the grandson of King
Edward VII, and both uncle and half-brother to Queen Elizabeth II – who is her own aunt.

President Barack Obama’s history is just as confusing,
and it seems the CIA have been cloning since 1920 –
hence the Frankenstein movie as an Intellligence leak: “Here, this is what we’ve been up to now”.

So after all the discussions of whether Obama was born in Hawaii, Kenya, or the States at all, it appears he was
born in Kansas, as was his mother – and is American Military property.

Because the Police and Military Intelligence are
involved in so many civilian murders, very few of them
ever get solved. The murder of Paul White is a case solved here, that involved banks, their conmen, the military, and police.

With a clear point of view from participants, operatives, witnesses, and the deathbed confessions of government contract killers, the myths evapourate and the finger-pointing can begin.

It seems to be moving more and more in the direction of governments run as a mafia operation, and your taxes funding your own demise, with no service to back it –
making you an impoverish voided slave, suspicious and anti-patriotic.

A favourite form of governance is NO RELIEF for those
who expose the crimes of government and judiciary.
This comes in the form of blacklisting, boilerplating, hobbling, poisoning, car accidents, and attempted
murders – successful or otherwise.

Despite all this, security is still really lax, and relies
most on the fog of ignorance portrayed nightly through
false media readings by talking hairdos projected
into your living room as award winning news.

Then we find that the real news is the news reader’s drug use, homosex, silent witness to a murder or two, and their bent police parents shagging transvestites in public

Despite all this, somehow I’ve managed to walk into a courtroom, project myself as a lawyer, and win cases for clients against those same crooked crime-creating cops,
and I still expose the Mayor as a cross-dressing
paedophile to get off traffic tickets.

The biggest case I won was out of courts, on radio in America, when I exposed a Queen’s Counsel as the Mafia Boss of a heroin trafficking ring. He then retired on
TV three hours before the second interview.